Welcome to the Triangle Figure Skating Web Site. This web site is dedicated to the Triangle SportsPlex Figure Skating Program. It is intended to facilitate better communications between the Triangle SportsPlex Figure Skating Staff and the parents/skaters that participate in the figure skating programs at the Triangle SportsPlex.

This is not the web site for the Triangle SportsPlex but rather a sub-web site (for lack of a better term) that concentrates on issues pertaining to the Triangle SportsPlex Figure Skating program.

In this web site you will find information pertaining to various figure skating programs, classes, and events. There is also an information section containing a FAQ along with other information pertinent to the Figure Skating Program. You may also login to this web site to register for various Figure Skating programs, classes, or events. For more information concerning online registration, please visit our Web Site FAQ. We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and find it helpful.

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