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This page provides answers to common questions skaters and parents have about various aspects of the Triangle Figure Skating program. This is not intended to address all issues about figure skating. The scope of the issues is limited to the aspects of figure skating as it pertains to the Triangle SportsPlex Figure Skating program. The list of issues in discussed here will be updated frequently, so please check back often.

If there is a question you would like to have answered that is not in this page, please contact us. Your participation and questions are always welcome.

FAQ Catagories

General Questions


Saturday Academy


    What time do I need to be at the Triangle SportsPlex for Saturday Academy?

    You should arrive at the Triangle SportsPlex 30-45 minutes before the start of your first session. This gives the skater plenty of time to warm-up and get their skates on before the session starts. Session start times will be emailed to all registered Saturday Academy skaters before the start of the first session.


    What can be done to keep my child from getting cold during Saturday Academy

    We suggest all skaters dress in layers of clothing for maximum comfort and wear gloves. It is also a good idea to wear a hat or ear muffs on cold days. Some skaters use disposable hand warmers (like the ones found in the Hunting department in Wal-Mart) in their gloves for added warmth.

Test Sessions

Web Site

    Who should register with this web site?

    You should register if:

    • you are a skater who wishes to participate in selected classes and events supported by this web site
    • you are a skating coach.  Especially if you have students that participate in programs/events supported by this web site.
    • you want to be kept informed of upcoming skating events or programs being offered, schedule changes, etc.


    Should I be concerned about privacy issues regarding information collected on this web site?

    You should always be concerned with any information you submit over the Internet.  Before submitting information over the Internet you should ask yourself several questions similar to the ones listed below:


    • "Who is asking for this information?"
      • The coaching staff of the Triangle Figure Skating Program located at the Triangle SportsPlex.

    • "What information are they asking for?"
      • The User Registration form collects basic and emergency contact information that is common to most registration forms.

        The Skater Registration form collects skating information such as the skater's coach, skating organization information, skill levels, and highest tests passed.

        The various class registration forms will collect information pertaining to the particular class you are registering for.

    • "Why are they asking for this information?" or "Why do they need it?"
      • The information we ask for in our registration forms is basically the same information that appears on our hard copy paper forms and is used for several purposes including:

        • reduce the administrative workload for the various figure skating programs allowing us to spend more time instructing skaters and less time performing administrative tasks
        • building mailing lists to keep skaters better informed of up coming events and schedule changes
        • providing faster and more accurate access to emergency contact information
        • providing metrics about the various figure skating programs which can be used to make adjustments to figure skating programs to better serve the needs of our skaters


    We are very aware of privacy issues as stated in our Privacy Policy and have taken precautions to protect the data we collect through this web site.  As a failsafe, we don't ask for information that we believe would be harmful in the event it were illegally obtained.


    What are the advantages to registering?

    There are several advantages to registering as a Triangle Figure Skating User. To begin with, you only have to enter your personal (User) information once regardless of the number of classes and/or events you sign up for in the future.  User registration creates a record in our database that is then linked to other class/event registrations.  This online registration reduces our work load and therefore allows us to offer our programs/events at a lower cost than we would have to charge if we had to process all of these forms manually.  In addition, registered users are better informed with scheduling changes and up coming events thought our online alert system.  The information we collect about the user/skater allows us to better place people in most appropriate classes.  Having this information in our databases also gives us better access to contact information in the event of an emergency.


    Can you give me a quick overview of the registration process?

    You begin the registration process by clicking the User login button located in the left hand margin of each page at the top of the local navigation bar. This will open a login window. In order to login you must have a User ID and password, which you choose as part of the User registration process. If you have not previously registered as a User, click theNew User Registrationbutton on the login page. This will open a User Registration Form window. The User Registration Form is used to collect personal information such as user name, parent/guardian name, and contact information. It also allows the user to define a User ID and Password that the user will need to login to the system. Users must fill out the required form fields. Required fields that have not been filled out will be flagged on the form verification page.


    Upon successful User Registration, you will be able to login to the system by entering your User ID and Password in the Login window. You will see a login confirmation window upon successful validation your User ID and Password. The Continue button at the bottom of the Login Confirmation page will take you to the Main Menu page where you may choose from a variety of functions. For example, if you are a figure skater who participates in skating events/programs offered by the Triangle Figure Skating Program, you should click the Figure Skating Management button. This will open the Figure Skating Management page where you can register as a Skater and sign up for various Figure Skating programs, classes, and events. You can also view/update your skater information and view previous program/class registrations. All Figure Skaters should click the Skater Information Register button to register as a skater. If you don't do this, you will be instructed to do so before you will be allowed to register for any skating events/programs. You may login to view and/or edit your User and/or Skater record at any time. You are encouraged to keep these records up to date.


    Why do I have to register as a User and a Skater?

    Simply put, a User is a person.  A person may or may not be a skater.  If the User is a Skater, then they should login and register as a skater (Skater Registration).  You can think of Skater Registration as Part 2 of User registration.


    Why are all of the FAQs on the same page?

    FAQs are organized into several sections, but exist on a single page in order to facilitate more comprehensive search capabilities. The user may easily search all FAQs with their web browser without having to worry about FAQ organization.


    Can a user get access to other user's email addresses?

    No.  In accordance to our privacy policy, we do not disclose any information we collect through this web site.


    When I click a button nothing happens.  Any suggestions?

    Many buttons in the web site (including the Login button) open new windows which some Ad/Popup window blocking utilities may erroneously block.  If you are using an Ad/Popup blocking utility I suggestion you add to your list of trusted web sites and/or configure your Ad/Popup blocking utility to permit Ads/Popups from this web site.  (FYI: This web site does not actually use any pop up ads.)  Another common mistake is that the popup window is already opened and either hidden behind another window or iconed.


    How do I report web site problems?

    If you encounter a problem with the web site, please contact us . Please provide a detailed and specific description of the problem you are having including any error messages or numbers that are displayed on the page, status bar, or title bar, what browser and operating system you are using including version numbers, and a step by step procedure of what you did when the problem occurred. It may be helpful to send a screen capture in the problem report.  This is accomplished by hitting the Print Screen button on your keyboard.  This places a snap shot of your screen in the cut buffer which can then be inserted into the email body by selecting an insertion point with a mouse click and then pasting the screen snap shot with a <CTRL-V> sequence.  If you are having problems, please take the time to report them.  We can't fix what we don't know about.

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